Dragon Age Deserves Better

You’re probably wondering by the title of this that I am siding with the proportion of people online knocking the new Dragons Age. Actually, I totally disagree with them. I think that change is good, and in the whole of the Dragon Age timeline under BioWare, they’ve constantly evolved.

I think the criticism is pure idiocy. Do people not know how long these games take to make? Or how much of a risk they are to make. Never mind the time involved in creating them. BioWare is already on thin ice from EA due to their last underperforming Mass Effect game. Do you want to put a studio in jeopardy?

Especially a studio from EA that actually deserves a break from the constant moaning after actually showing something that fits with the kind of changes they’ve made to evolve the franchise? Sure, have an opinion; it’s completely yours, and own it. It’s a free world, but at the same time, there are always consequences to just how rubbish those opinions actually are.

Especially when you haven’t actually played the game yet as well. It’s just absolute lunacy. So yeah, Dragon Age deserves better from some of it’s own fanbase. As do the BioWare developers that have built this world.

It’s okay to not like something, but does an opinion have to be so miserable that you spoil the fun for everyone else? I mean, tell me where you all stand on this because I find it utterly unbelievable the kind of hate the reveal has gotten after how many years we’ve been waiting?

I’ll judge when I’ve actually played the game, but by the looks of it, I actually think we’re in for a good time.

Craig Clark

I write about the gaming industry and everything in entertainment.

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