Gamescom for Xbox is Big

Microsoft is in the news today about more layoffs. It’s an unfortunate circumstance for everyone involved. I think they know deep down that at the upcoming Gamescom, it’s going to have to be as big as what they did at their Xbox Showcase. They said themselves that they have much more to show, and I have to believe them.

Xbox said they had more things to show at Gamescom, and I think it’s going to be a big show for them. If anything, Microsoft is pushing Game Pass more than they ever have. They’re pushing the content more than they ever have as well. So in that sense, they’re trying to build up the platform to start very strongly going into the next generation.

So Gamescom is going to be very much the Xbox Showcase Part Two. With PlayStation not showing up, it gives them an edge. It’s very difficult to distinguish the gaming landscape. But from what we do know, there is more ground for Microsoft to make up. They’re trying to do that by enticing players with Firesticks, playing on any device, and, of course, Xbox Game Pass. It’s going to be a very interesting second half of the year for multiple reasons.

One of them is to see if they can keep getting the numbers up for cloud gaming. The other is how much more they offer the PlayStation in terms of games going in their direction. Especially with Halo’s collection being heavily rumoured to be coming there.

Will PlayStation give some love back? I think they eventually will. If you look at Helldivers and the way that concurrent numbers have flatlined. If they don’t allow Microsoft to sell that game or put it on Game Pass to bring up the player count. It would be a bit out of the ordinary, considering everything Xbox is doing for them.

I don’t think anything is off the table in terms of live-service games making the jump to make their numbers count. But going back to Gamescom, I certainly do believe it’s going to be as big as the show case was. I think there is so much more to reveal that’s been in the works for many years now.

Craig Clark

I write about the gaming industry and everything in entertainment.

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