Nintendo Switch 2 is Everything We Need

People associate Nintendo with that video-game company that is behind the times. They associate Nintendo with a platform that is lagging behind. The strange thing is, that is just plain wrong. Because, Nintendo cornered a market in 2017 with the original Nintendo Switch and made a great success of it. Japan absolutely loves the thing, and so do all of us in America, Europe, and elsewhere.

Confirmation from Nintendo themselves that the Nintendo Switch 2 is a thing. It does exist; it’s not a figment of your imagination. It confirms to me that we’re dealing with a rejuvenated Nintendo that’s going to want to make the process of switching over pretty much seamless for everyone. Backwards compatibility is a formality. Not only that, it’s a necessity. It’s the thing that’s going to really get Nintendo fans to go all-in again. That’s important to Nintendo itself.

The game line-up? I expect it to be out of this world strong. Building on the back of something they did incredibly well in 2017, and following up with the same number of sales that the original Switch did. If there is something that Nintendo knows a lot about, it is that the anticipation for the next Nintendo console is off the charts, so a strong line-up is a certainty. We might be seeing a bit of a dive in console sales elsewhere. I don’t foresee that happening with the Nintendo Switch 2.

I think the balance Nintendo is going to strike when they launch this thing, as well as the conditions of the handheld industry, point to an absolute success again. It’s looking really rosy for them now. Handhelds are now the thing everyone is looking to. Nintendo already has one in its rear view mirror. That means that the next one is going to improve on everything. This is very much a new Nintendo that will know the small margins of success and failure.

But if anything, it’s a Nintendo that now knows what great success can do for them and how they can continue to surprise and delight their fans. Sure, some may say they’re playing it safe. But actually, everything they’re going to end up doing is going to turn out to be the ultimate successor for fans, in my mind. And that’s absolutely okay with me.

March 2025 is logical for a release date.

Craig Clark

I write about the gaming industry and everything in entertainment.