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Xbox Gamepass Growth is Insane

It’s not surprising to me in the slightest that Game Pass from Xbox is starting to move on the subscription front. Now 29 million subscribers in its armory people are starting to see the true value it has compared to the competition. You cannot beat day-one releases and in 2023 for Xbox, it’s going to get even better for the company because of the line-up it has.

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The Peripheral Prime Video

Amazon Going Big in Many Ways With TV Series

Amazon has been really stepping up in streaming lately. On a scale not seen before. They’re doubling down it seems on shows based on books. Rings of Power seems to be just the starter of what is to come for its service. With a second season already greenlit. Not only that but Wheels of Time also happens to be returning for its second season pretty soon. We now also have another show in The Peripheral that stars Cloe Grace Moretz that they’re betting big on. Read More


My Favorite Witch is Back, Kinda

It’s been a long road for Bayonetta, her third entry is coming soon. In fact, on Nintendo Switch on October 28th to be exact.

It’s been a longer wait than normal for fans wanting the third entry of Bayonetta. Everyone is hoping that it’ll finish off the trilogy perfectly. One change though is that Jennifer Hale will be voicing the character Bayonetta. Hellena Taylor will not be reprising her role.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is Beautifully Poetic

It’s not often you get to play a series that you have come to absolutely adore on the Nintendo Switch whether it’s with the narrative or characters. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 started my love with this series on that very basis. I am happy to say Xenoblade Chronicles 3 absolutely supersedes everything that has come before it and adds to the lore of this world in such a fulfilling and poetic way. Read More


Mario + Rabbids, Sequel Improves in Every way

One of the best things about Ubisoft is how they continuously support platforms whether new or old. They’re a great publisher with some fantastic games. One of those fantastic series of games is Mario + Rabbids which was first released on Nintendo Switch a few years back. It broke the Ubisoft typical formula that we are so used to the delight of fans everywhere. Read More


Splat Attack

Splatoon 3 is getting some great reviews. Off the back of people saying it doesn’t do anything new. The consensus is that it certainly does enough to justify the third entry and that it is as polished as ever. Quite the splat attack then, but in all seriousness, free DLC updates and a beefy single campaign, as well as the, tried and trusted awesome multiplayer. Why would anyone not trust Nintendo? Read More

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Assassins Creed Going Back to its Roots

Sometimes all it takes is for a developer such as Ubisoft to realize that there is a certain value in bringing its games back to their roots. I think with the way Assassins Creed has been selling over the years there wasn’t really a need to do that by the company. So when they made the decision to do that, albeit was on the back of a Valhalla DLC into a full game with Assassins Creed Mirage. It really has to be commended. Read More


As Fun As The New Saints Row is

Saints Row has always been a bit of a weird game. It’s one of those games that is like the outsider of the group and that’s why I have always had a soft spot for the franchise. Volition has crafted a game that ultimately is a lot of fun to play but one that isn’t that next-gen in terms of how the world could have been and what you could be doing in it. Read More

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Why You Should Watch Only Murders in The Building

Only Murders in the Building is a fun murder ‘whodunnit’ series that really showcases the talents of its entire cast. I’ve always been a huge fan of Steve Martin and Martin Short, but Selena Gomez and the whole, in particular, make this entire series just work. It’s a murder mystery built on a podcast that they create to unravel the whole plot.

It’s worth watching, as it is, worth recommending. The second series is now streaming on Disney Plus!



Multi-player Games No Longer What They Were

When you think of multi-player games of a golden and bygone era. You look at games like Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops that were at the top of their game in yesteryear. These days there is a ton of problems with these latest games which are specific and mostly can be attributed to other games as well. Let me explain. Read More