Don’t Be Surprised

With all the success that Fallout has had on our TV screens. Don’t be surprised one bit if the God of War adaptation to TV screens turns out to be not only brutal but a really good portrayal of the origin story that the first games covered. It’s going to be interesting to see how they go about unravelling the world. Read More

Why House of The Dragon is Awesome

It’s coming—a whole new season of House of the Dragon on HBO Max and Sky Atlantic. I love the Game of Thrones universe. I have to say, that this prequel hasn’t let me down. I actually think it does some things a lot better than Game of Thrones actually did years ago. June 19 is the date you need, it’s going to be absolute hell waiting for all episodes and avoiding all possible spoilers. It’s this fight that we must keep on with for the good of the iron throne, though.

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Assassins Creed Shadows

Assassins Creed Shadows is coming out on November 15th. It’s set in Japan, and it’s a location that many Assassin’s Creed players have been asking for for years. It’s going to be as big as Assassin’s Creed: Origins, and we will have two characters we can choose to portray. Read More

Xbox on It’s Way Out?

The news has hit the fan these last couple of hours. We’ve seen Microsoft show complete disregard for it’s Xbox division. In the sense that they favour their profit margins and big money-making franchises over smaller titles that have plenty of soul but have no meaning to people in suits. This is the reason why Xbox is on the way out. Not in the sense of the console market, you’ll still get everything Xbox. But it’s clear that everyone is going to favour other platforms more so because Xbox cannot seem to be able to pin down consistent messaging or keep to their promises. Read More

What’s Next From PlayStation Studios?

We’ve had really great content brought to us this year from third-party studios that PlayStation work with. Final Fantasy: Rebirth and Stellar Blade. They’ve really hit a tune with fans. Everyone is trying to figure out what the next thing is from PlayStation Studios, though. We all know that there are going to be games coming in 2025, and we’re going to focus on the three possibilities in this article. Read More

Going Where The Players Are

We’ve talked before about how Microsoft is taking the initiative with Xbox. Everything we talked about in terms of how Microsoft sees Xbox as a platform going forward is starting to happen. When you have the top sellers of Xbox games on a rival platform, such as. It no longer becomes a rival platform, and in fact, it starts to make the initial idea of Xbox games being on all platforms even more attractive. Is it an admission of defeat? No, I don’t think so. I just think the Microsoft higher-ups see Xbox as going beyond the remits of everything it once was. Read More

TV is Big Business is Gaming Now

The success of the Fallout TV show is so significant in how it’s made the games more popular. We shouldn’t rule out more of this happening between Xbox, PlayStation, and even Nintendo. Each company will, of course, be doing content in a different way in the future. It’s a way of pursuing consumer engagement away from the console. Read More

Dead In the Water

Skulls and bones has failed in a lot of people’s eyes. You’d think that publishers would have learned from other failed live-service games. The thing is, there have been a lot of titles that have been successful. So chasing that success story is always going to be prominent in the gaming industry for big videogame companies such as Ubisoft. In a sense, the longevity of it and the resources to make the game right are always going to be there for those kinds of games over a longer period of time. Read More

‘OD’ On PlayStation?

As we know, more Xbox games are coming to PlayStation. It is being reported that the Sea of Thieves is the big test of the waters here. Based on how well that’s gone down. It’s a certainty that there will be more games making their way across uncharted waters. The thing is, exclusivity is in the air again, and just how less impressed the younger generation of players are by it. Xbox is now beginning to look at the next generation of players who prefer to play wherever they like. Read More

What I Thought of Dragons Dogma 2

I recently finished playing Dragons Dogma 2. It’s a great game, a refinement and modernised Dragons Dogma sequel that you’ll truly love if you enjoyed the first game. I think that Dragons Dogma’s return has been a success. However, there are a few things that bothered me which I’ll get into now. Read More

A Xbox Handheld is on The Horizon

There is going to be a new approach coming at Xbox. The focus will be on creating hardware that makes the best out of a native Microsoft and Windows based gaming handheld that will come to market from Xbox. It’s something that is being worked on. They’re exploring all possible ideas for a reinvention of how to reach more audiences.

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What’s The Next Step?

This whole PS5 Pro situation has gotten pretty insane. Everyone is questioning the validity of it. It’s going to serve a purpose that’s without a doubt. The contradictions coming out from Sony though aren’t something we should overlook. It’s a fact that this generation hasn’t really had the first-party focus that everyone was expecting. We’re not getting anything Sony related until 2025 after all. Read More