Absolutely Stellar

It’s interesting how the hype around Stellar Blade has gotten quite big. There was that slip up with the demo and Sony had to patch it before anyone else could play the game. Personally, I don’t like that. Just let people play, unless it’s too early, then I understand. What I will say though, I really like the things I am hearing about Stellar Blade. This is a big claim but I think it’s going to be better than Rise of the Ronan. Read More

It’s Only Going One Way

Sea of Thieves is the most pre-ordered game on the PlayStation Store right now. If that doesn’t tell you that there is a demand there to play all our rival platform games. I don’t know what will convince you. I really think the way we see exclusivity in the future is going to change. It has to be a unified position that puts the consumer first. At the same time, it has to be a position that helps each company sustain and exceed their profit margins. Read More

EA FC Faces Competition That Could Improve It

We all know about the rumours of ‘Fifa’ being taken over by 2K Games who will potentially be developing the new game. This could mean a massive rivalry in terms of football games that we haven’t seen in ages. Both games would be licensed. I actually believe that the ‘Fifa’ brand resurgence would provide stern competition for EA’s future FC games. Read More

Dragons Age: Dredgewolf This Year?

We all know that BioWare has not had the greatest of success recently with its titles. Everyone is hoping that that changes. That includes me. I don’t care what EA plans to do in terms of its Sport titles. They’re your money makers yes, but you have to keep respecting BioWare and Respawn to go do great things individually. If you made a commitment years ago, you stand by that commitment. Read More

The Gaming Industry is in Need of a Defibrillator

After the most brilliant Alan Wake 2. A comeback that perfectly infused more of the multi-universe approach to their games. It certainly has me more invested in Remedy Games. One of the best decisions they made was going multi-platform with their games years ago. It has me feeling maybe giving more players access to these games isn’t such a bad thing? As illustrated around the industry there are issues with increased costs to actually make these games. Read More

Why a PS5 Pro is Viable in Sony’s Eyes

There is a lot of talk about why a PS5 Pro might actually be worth it both from a business point of view and the consumer. I think what we need to analyse is the transition period of the PS4 Pro – PS5 period. In retrospect, it’s easy to understand why a PS5 Pro is now in the works. It’s a gateway system that allows people to get the best of now while maybe waiting on a PS6 Slim in the future. Read More

Nintendo Switch 2 is More Anticipated by Players

Okay, PlayStation and Xbox fans are you sitting down comfortably? Yep? Okay then, here we go. The next generation PlayStation and Xbox console could have all the power in the world going into the next generation. It could be on another level, it could set benchmarks we’ve never seen before but without the right content that is merely a pipe dream. Because believe it or not PlayStation and Xbox have failed on expectations this generation. Read More

PS5 Pro is a Go Apparently

A PS5 Pro is on the horizon. I’m not sure why but apparently it’s all about pushing GTA 6 as the best place to play on a Sony console. I think regardless of new hardware coming. Be under no illusions that the marketing is going to have to be pretty clear to why this is a good idea this time around. We’ve been having contradictory statements coming out from Sony. On one hand, you have them saying their studios need to be better and more resourceful. Implying that games are getting astronomical in budget. Read More

The Next Generation Possibilities

We’re only halfway through this generation of consoles. Everyone is going mental that already there is a new generation of consoles being talked about. Even questioning the validity of having this generation the PS5/SX in the first place with most games being able to be played on older hardware. This generation actually feels more like a Pro upgrade. In terms of the features it’s brought and nothing revolutionary in terms of visuals but it’s been acceptable. Read More

The Future is Multi-platform?

We all know where Microsoft wants Xbox to be. They’ve made a mess of the messaging but what we all know is how multi-platform is a thing for them. It’s less about what the Xbox leadership wants and more about what Microsoft wants. The madness of the internet holds no bounds. But to say that they are going entirely multi-platform in the future and underestimating the potential of it just from a business sense wouldn’t make sense. Read More