PlayStation’s Back at TGS

For the first time in four years, PlayStation is back at the Tokyo Game Show. What could be on show? Well, we suspect that for something that has just been announced, we could see the highly suspected PS5 Pro. If it is in fact real. This would be the place to show that, and probably a bunch of games that utilize the hardware.

The event is timed very nicely for new hardware and announcements that we haven’t yet seen from PlayStation. Of course, there have been a lot of disappointing State of Play’s that haven’t exactly hit the mark with fans. However, PlayStation showing up for the first time in four years is probably the biggest indicator that it has something big to show.

In other news, Uncharted is looking like it’s going to get a reboot. Seemingly making us all aware that Sony does want to go back and do things with franchises that haven’t made an appearance in a while.

Could we see some progress on all the backwards compatibility rumours for the PS5? With the Pro potentially taking centre stage. It’s plausible, but entirely speculation at this point. If it is indeed real, how will Sony sell us this new hardware. It has to be centred around the whole way that games will be revealed for it. But also, I’d imagine if backward compatibility did make some sort of show. It would fall in line with everything Sony has been working towards.

So there is that, but also, maybe this is the show that really showcases Sony’s commitment to Japanese games and the future of them on PlayStation. Fans have demanded PlayStation get back to remembering its roots. The Nintendo Switch 2 is not far away. Another point that could be made is that Sony looks to cater to that gaming space.

This is all speculation at this point; nobody anywhere has the answers, but the appearance is a massive event for PlayStation fans everywhere that should go some way to showing us what the future holds for the platform.

Craig Clark

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