Sony’s Playing Catch Up

With its joint CEO’s now leading PlayStation. It’s clear that those coming in think that PlayStation couldn’t be in a better position. That’s not, however, the exact narrative that most players on PlayStation will have. Some will be happy with Astro Bot as the standout, but others will be wondering just what has happened and how we recover from probably their worst State of Play yet?

I think there is this mentality among most where, if it isn’t the extravaganzas of gaming franchises, nobody is ever happy. I do understand the frustration; most players of the PS4 generation were privy to E3 showpieces. These were events that were annually made and pretty much went all guns blazing.

One of the most memorable was E3 2016, which was a standout for the gaming industry. However, things have changed because games are bigger than ever before and take so long to actually develop. So now we’re in a situation where the current generation of players aren’t really digging the new ways of doing things.

Ultimately, there is truth to that, but there is also truth in the fact that Sony is playing catch-up with some of its decisions of late. They’re well documented during the Jim Ryan era, but even if we believe that mistakes were made. Profitability wise, that’s not the case. PlayStation is raking it in even when most aren’t even buying as many games as they used to.

In that situation, and the current state of things as players are perceiving them. Its probably not a good sign. However, not everything is going to be announced at once anymore. It’s just not the way that the gaming industry works anymore. But at the same time, gamers are one of the most difficult and hard-to-please crowds in the industry. They’re the most vocal, and as it stands with our whole current generation. We’re used to how ‘good it was’. To some point, we haven’t gotten past that phase and actually met what the gaming industry ‘actually is’ in the present.

Now, I am not saying that we have to like what is going on at the moment. But it is clear, we have to be mindful of the state of the gaming industry at the moment. It has good stuff coming, especially on the PlayStation front. But at the same time, there is an identity issue where most developers just don’t know what the hell they want to create anymore.

When you have that scenario, with everything else that’s going on. This is the kind of chaos that transpires. I just think it’s a sign of the times, something that the industry will move forward from. But as with anything, it’s going to take time to get things back on track again following all these new formats, and we might be waiting till 2025 before PlayStation Studios is back on our radar again.

Also, and I say this as graciously as I possibly can. But don’t be surprised if the Nintendo Switch 2 really kicks things into gear when it releases in 2025. God knows, whatever Nintendo has planned, it’s hopefully going to kickstart a whole new era that improves the rest of the industry especially in a more competitive aspect. And we need that.


Craig Clark

I write about the gaming industry and everything in entertainment.

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