The Three Kings | Christmas 2023

To get into the Christmas spirit. We’re going to have a bit of fun with this one. Consider this my present to everyone of you that owns a console no matter what platform you play. The Three Kings happen to be our platform holders, if you will. Each will present you with gifts in 2024. I’m going to focus on all three now and put into context what kind of year I think each will have. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it. Oh and Merry Christmas to you and yours. Thank you all for your amazing support. Read More


The Game Awards is Set to Be a Great Show

It’s been a great year for video games and with the end of the year approaching. The Game Awards comes back into focus. We all know that their have been some great releases this year on all platforms. Nobody knows what The Game Awards will entail but it would be a great setup to set the stage for Nintendo. Even if it was a teaser for what is to come in the New Year with their next full reveal being introduced on a Nintendo Direct. I wouldn’t bet against it happening. Read More

Nintendo Switch 2 Will Win True Next-Gen Fans

I want to make one thing absolutely clear It doesn’t matter how powerful the next Nintendo Switch is. It doesn’t even have to compare to PlayStation 5 or the Series X. Also, let’s face it, it won’t. What’s going to happen is this next-generation Nintendo Switch is going to be something that ticks all the boxes of what everyone has wanted from their next hardware. So when we talk about specs they don’t come into the equation for the next Nintendo Switch. Read More

nintendo switch 2

PlayStation 5 Has Competition on All Fronts

If Sony has told us anything this year with their anti-consumer moves. It’s that Microsoft has an opportunity to pick up a lot of steam off the back of the great exclusives it has in the pipeline. We all know Spiderman 2 is going to sell loads. It’s an amazing game for Sony to have but we don’t know much more of what is next in a generation from Sony’s point of view that has been rather disappointing. Read More


Next Nintendo Switch Wins The Hearts of Everyone

We all know that Nintendo is working on their next console. The hearsay is at extravagant levels, while the hype, is on unearthly levels. Just like the recent UFO sightings we all know ‘exist’ it’s just when it is going to appear. But in all seriousness, this console is going to blow the speakers off your TV when it’s announced and the features to do it at launch are basic ones that have been around for years on other platforms. Read More


A PS5 Pro is Coming But Why?

With the confirmation from very reliable sources that a PS5 Pro is in the ascendency. The time of release is aiming for November 2024. All of this, at the halfway point of a generation that let’s face it has only really just gotten started. How many PS5 games have there really been and how many of them are utilizing the absolute current base model? Sony doesn’t seem to care about it having a PS5 Pro now launching at some point in the future. So what now? Read More


Could Nintendo Allow Game Pass?

We all know how Microsoft and Nintendo have this great friendly relationship. Nintendo was one of the first gaming companies to sign the ten-year Call of Duty deal after all. Microsoft has one aim with Game Pass. Growth. When we talk about growth, it doesn’t matter how it happens. It’s Microsoft wanting to reach as many gamers as possible on any device feasibly possible. And off the back of the recent success of Nintendo Switch. Game Pass integration is something of an angle that Microsoft and Nintendo could theoretically both work with. Read More


Nintendo is Sony’s Competition, It’s Clear

One word, Zelda. The power of games and exclusives is unrivaled. This is what consoles are about and it absolutely signifies the importance of what critically acclaimed exclusives can do for your platform. If you want to mix it up with the best it’s important that you compete on all fronts and typically this generation with the Nintendo Switch it is Nintendo that is doing that and finds itself in a fantastic position as it transitions into a new generation itself. Read More


Nintendo Don’t Need to Reinvent The Wheel

Like many of you, my origins in gaming started with the Super Nintendo. The first game I ever played was Mario. We’ve been waiting a long time for the next big Mario game. I think we will see the game once the dust settles on Zelda and a new generation of Nintendo consoles begins. With news by the year’s end for sure. One thing I don’t want Nintendo to do with the next console is reinvent the wheel. Read More

super mario

The Future of Nintendo is Coming

It looks to be a significant year for Nintendo with the Switch set to be in a period of winding down. We still have a lot of great games to look forward to. Fire Emblem Engage, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom to name a few. The Nintendo Switch is going out with a bang then. But as a platform, the sales are slowing down and there seems to be an indication that come the year 2024 we should be seeing the next thing from Nintendo. Read More


My Favorite Witch is Back, Kinda

It’s been a long road for Bayonetta, her third entry is coming soon. In fact, on Nintendo Switch on October 28th to be exact.

It’s been a longer wait than normal for fans wanting the third entry of Bayonetta. Everyone is hoping that it’ll finish off the trilogy perfectly. One change though is that Jennifer Hale will be voicing the character Bayonetta. Hellena Taylor will not be reprising her role.

Read More