The Last of Us Multi-player Cancellation

With all the rumours about how bad things are going at Bungie. The very fact that Sony could actually take over it. This clear change to get back onto course of what actually matters is one that doesn’t surprise me. If anything, it’s clear to me that Sony knew it had to change back to what it is mostly renowned for which is awesome single-player games. Read More

The Three Kings | Christmas 2023

To get into the Christmas spirit. We’re going to have a bit of fun with this one. Consider this my present to everyone of you that owns a console no matter what platform you play. The Three Kings happen to be our platform holders, if you will. Each will present you with gifts in 2024. I’m going to focus on all three now and put into context what kind of year I think each will have. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it. Oh and Merry Christmas to you and yours. Thank you all for your amazing support. Read More

Has PlayStation Lost Its Soul A Little?

The rapid success PlayStation is having commercially cannot be understated. Like, the numbers are crazy, and well earned. But at what cost? I mean, don’t get me wrong, PlayStation has always been an incredible product with great games and it’s cemented its legacy into the heart of every player who has grown up as part of that. Including me. It has a huge player base and some of the strongest and most opinionated loyalists you will ever meet. But there comes a point where I have to ask the question. At what cost? Read More

wolverine game 1

A new IP is Such a Risk These Days…

Sony makes some of the most cinematic video games going. It all comes at a cost though, and with Nintendo doing things on their terms at their own pace. They don’t follow the same hymn sheet and their software doesn’t cost as much to produce. You could say Xbox is the only one that can afford to go in any direction they want mixing it up with their own style and mix of genres while also following through with cinematic versions of their own games that can be well placed on Game Pass. Read More

PS5 Pro

Could it All Begin With The PS5 Pro?

Everyone is wondering what is on the pallet of PlayStation 5’s exclusives in the future. We haven’t really seen the full roster of PlayStation Studios and what they’ve all been working on. This leads me to believe that we’re entering the second phase of this generation and with that, there’s so much more to come from Sony. Read More

God of War Ragnarok Sequel

PlayStation Has An Atreus Problem

There is no doubt whatsoever that God of War: Ragnorok was a great videogame. Everything about it improved on the original vision. The major problem which I think you will find many PlayStations fans agreeing with is that based on their playthrough of the sequel Atreus has become a bit of an annoying problem. Read More


Sony’s Focus on Cloud Gaming is a Bit ‘Weird’

As everyone knows Sony has revealed a new handheld device that offers cloud streaming called PlayStation Portal. It’s going to retail at £199.99. It’s a device that pretty much reflects the ambitions of wanting to make cloud gaming more popular. It’s forcing it to the point where it’s not even funny anymore. We all know it’s the future, but then still there is that massive hurdle of impact lag which is preventing that future from happening. It’s inevitable but almost flawed at this point. Read More


Can PlayStation Be Live Service Pioneers?

There has been a lot of discussion about live service games and them potentially being rushed. There have also been a lot of game franchises at the center of that discussion. Live-service games as we know them. Well, they’re going to have to change significantly if they’re to improve their reputation in our industry. So here is where Sony factors into all of that. Read More


The PS5 Pro Aims to Sow Series S Doubts Further

Microsoft has taken a huge gamble with the Series S. It’s now the mainstay and most popular selling Series console. Yes, Microsoft has made huge gains in bringing people over from other competing platforms with this much more affordable model but when the PS5 Pro comes out next year. It will be Sony’s turn to rub salt into any wounds on the whole technical debacle of whether it’s capable or not. Read More


Sony Cutting Prices Was A Smart Move

For all the praise I give Microsoft with Xbox recently. I will mention why it hasn’t gone exactly their way. You all know my stance on a PS5 Pro but here is where it’s actually helped PlayStation. The fact that Sony is now technically reversing their price rise and coming out with a new slim model and PS5 Pro. It helps Sony so much and here is why. Read More


A PS5 Pro is Coming But Why?

With the confirmation from very reliable sources that a PS5 Pro is in the ascendency. The time of release is aiming for November 2024. All of this, at the halfway point of a generation that let’s face it has only really just gotten started. How many PS5 games have there really been and how many of them are utilizing the absolute current base model? Sony doesn’t seem to care about it having a PS5 Pro now launching at some point in the future. So what now? Read More


Disney Are Doing The Right Thing…

Nope, we’re not talking about Disney’s decision to replace the dwarfs in the live-action of Snow White. But in fact, we’re talking about their cutting down of Marvel and Star Wars content at least on the TV anyway as in the gaming sphere it’s full steam ahead. It’s not going to be a popular opinion but the oversaturation and just poor management from some of these superhero movies coming out is just unreal. Even DC has it wrong over there. But let’s get back to Marvel, shall we? Read More