Dead In the Water

Skulls and bones has failed in a lot of people’s eyes. You’d think that publishers would have learned from other failed live-service games. The thing is, there have been a lot of titles that have been successful. So chasing that success story is always going to be prominent in the gaming industry for big videogame companies such as Ubisoft. In a sense, the longevity of it and the resources to make the game right are always going to be there for those kinds of games over a longer period of time. Read More


Ubisoft is In Love With The Cloud

Ubisoft has always supported new platforms. They were one of the first to support Google Stadia back in the day when that was around. Now they’re foreseeing a future that most of us right now don’t believe is even possible. Of course, things can change. We all know how digital has been embraced by the masses. The problem is the cloud is still pretty new and all these companies that are trying to get us to use it. Know one thing. Its uptake is pitiful, to say the least. Read More


Disney Are Doing The Right Thing…

Nope, we’re not talking about Disney’s decision to replace the dwarfs in the live-action of Snow White. But in fact, we’re talking about their cutting down of Marvel and Star Wars content at least on the TV anyway as in the gaming sphere it’s full steam ahead. It’s not going to be a popular opinion but the oversaturation and just poor management from some of these superhero movies coming out is just unreal. Even DC has it wrong over there. But let’s get back to Marvel, shall we? Read More