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More Creative Freedom at Activision?

Phil Spencer talked about how Activision games will take some time to actually come to Game Pass. I didn’t expect that from day one of Microsoft acquiring that their games would just show up. However, there are big expectations from this deal. I think Xbox fans have every right to get some clarity around it so I do support the question. Read More


The Focus is on Call of Duty But Really…

We’ve finally come to the end of this whole Call of Duty saga. It’s been pretty wild with a lot of stuff coming out about pretty much every platform. The focus has been on Call of Duty but let’s imagine for one moment what the true implications of all this are. Because there are implications of a great magnitude here for gaming. Read More


Game Pass As Relevant Now As in The Future

PlayStation has a bit of a problem. If it’s not their continued focus on live service games. It’s their leading market position where they’ve become far too comfortable. As a PlayStation gamer since the first console was released in the 90s and ongoing to the 5. It certainly feels like a shift in the industry is coming. Exclusivity has been the powerhouse of this industry for years. Read More

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Xbox Gamepass Growth is Insane

It’s not surprising to me in the slightest that Game Pass from Xbox is starting to move on the subscription front. Now 29 million subscribers in its armory people are starting to see the true value it has compared to the competition. You cannot beat day-one releases and in 2023 for Xbox, it’s going to get even better for the company because of the line-up it has.

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