Xbox Showcase Delivers

Xbox turned up and put on a show for its fans. Signifying that maybe it isn’t quite as dead and buried as everyone thought. Obviously, there is some context we need to add to that. Because Xbox will still be sending a lot of stuff to PlayStation. But to be honest, this showcase was pretty much everything that Xbox has been working on for many years now. Read More

The Three Kings | Christmas 2023

To get into the Christmas spirit. We’re going to have a bit of fun with this one. Consider this my present to everyone of you that owns a console no matter what platform you play. The Three Kings happen to be our platform holders, if you will. Each will present you with gifts in 2024. I’m going to focus on all three now and put into context what kind of year I think each will have. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it. Oh and Merry Christmas to you and yours. Thank you all for your amazing support. Read More

Xbox is in The Best Position It’s Ever Been In

Look, on the face of it. The history of Xbox has been up and down. There is no gaming company out there that gets everything right. Not Sony or Nintendo. But what I will say is, every company learns something from before. If Xbox has learned anything over the years it’s that Sony’s portfolio of games is driving the huge engagement levels in which that platform has. Look at the success of Spiderman 2.

Read More


Let’s Talk About The Series X Slim

Everybody knows by now that there was a bunch of stuff leaked about Xbox’s plan for the future. One of these plans pretty much confirms that Microsoft won’t be going ahead with a Pro as we said they might not. The confirmation of a Series X Slim is Microsoft’s confirmation that they’re doubling down on big plans for the next generation of Xbox consoles as we suggested. Read More

nintendo switch 2

PlayStation 5 Has Competition on All Fronts

If Sony has told us anything this year with their anti-consumer moves. It’s that Microsoft has an opportunity to pick up a lot of steam off the back of the great exclusives it has in the pipeline. We all know Spiderman 2 is going to sell loads. It’s an amazing game for Sony to have but we don’t know much more of what is next in a generation from Sony’s point of view that has been rather disappointing. Read More


The Next Gears is Entirely Open World?

Gears is the best shooter on Xbox. People might disagree with my assessment on that one. But let me tell you, Out of Halo and Gears which series in the last few years has been more consistent out of the two? I think Gears has, but obviously, not everyone will agree with me and that’s perfectly fine. The next Gears is going to be entirely open-world. What do I think of that? Read More

crash bandicoot

More Creative Freedom at Activision?

Phil Spencer talked about how Activision games will take some time to actually come to Game Pass. I didn’t expect that from day one of Microsoft acquiring that their games would just show up. However, there are big expectations from this deal. I think Xbox fans have every right to get some clarity around it so I do support the question. Read More


The PS5 Pro Aims to Sow Series S Doubts Further

Microsoft has taken a huge gamble with the Series S. It’s now the mainstay and most popular selling Series console. Yes, Microsoft has made huge gains in bringing people over from other competing platforms with this much more affordable model but when the PS5 Pro comes out next year. It will be Sony’s turn to rub salt into any wounds on the whole technical debacle of whether it’s capable or not. Read More


Sony Cutting Prices Was A Smart Move

For all the praise I give Microsoft with Xbox recently. I will mention why it hasn’t gone exactly their way. You all know my stance on a PS5 Pro but here is where it’s actually helped PlayStation. The fact that Sony is now technically reversing their price rise and coming out with a new slim model and PS5 Pro. It helps Sony so much and here is why. Read More


Xbox Enters The Building Like a Boss

A lot of good news for Xbox lately. The big reason for that is not only Phil Spencer but the entire Xbox Team. They’ve been working around the clock to make our experiences a better one. Whether it’s the partnerships with Square Enix and Kojima Productions or the newly released Xbox dashboard which is a step in the right direction for the brand. It doesn’t stop there though. Read More


A PS5 Pro is Coming But Why?

With the confirmation from very reliable sources that a PS5 Pro is in the ascendency. The time of release is aiming for November 2024. All of this, at the halfway point of a generation that let’s face it has only really just gotten started. How many PS5 games have there really been and how many of them are utilizing the absolute current base model? Sony doesn’t seem to care about it having a PS5 Pro now launching at some point in the future. So what now? Read More