The Future of Cloud Gaming on Xbox

It all starts here, folks, Xbox is now positioning itself to be on every device possible. Firestick is now the new entry device to a window of opportunity for play. But what does this all actually mean? Well, with the next generation of Xbox seemingly becoming more cloud-dependent when it launches. It looks like Microsoft is now going to open up the floodgates and improve all possible features of Xbox Cloud Gaming

The service as it currently stands is in ‘beta’ but I think what the future holds will see it come out of that. I think with the next generation Xbox console. We’re going to see features like being able to play your purchased games and play them on the cloud. I also believe that Microsoft is stepping up with their intention to bring 4K cloud gaming to the service. I think with the expansion of Firestick users and what it means with an increase in cloud gaming usage. It means that for those who want easy access to Xbox games and Xbox Game Pass. You’re going to be able to play any game you want pretty soon.

I think it’s definitely the start of the expansion of positioning Xbox Cloud Gaming for those who want to choose that option. I think the internet infrastructure is now better than ever before and it really is time to get all the features onto the service and bring it out of the ‘beta’ that it’s currently in.

Whatever you may think of cloud gaming. There has been a steady increase in its use since 2023. Although, that usage is still relatively small. The increase means there are people out there who do find it a great way to play games anywhere. I also think that with the Xbox handheld, local and cloud play are very important to them.

Craig Clark

I write about the gaming industry and everything in entertainment.

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