The Next Season of Yellowstone

Like a lot of you who know and love Yellowstone. It’s been a wild ride. I watched all the episodes, and just like you, I’ve been wondering when the next ones are going to drop as well. Especially how ultimately the show will set up without one of the leads going forward.

Of course, schedule delays happen. It’s a part of life, but like with anything, the show must go on. That it will, just probably in a whole new direction with a new actor after the conclusion of the upcoming Yellowstone season.

I’ve loved every minute of this world that Taylor Sheridan has created. Out of everything on Paramount Plus, this continues to be their jewel in the crown. So if you haven’t checked out one of the best shows on TV. Check out Yellowstone, especially if you like games like Red Dead Redemption. I think quite similarly; it has some fantastic writing and characters.

Trust me, it’s worth your time; it was mine, and I look forward to hopefully the new season very soon, maybe November-December this year. Streaming on Paramount Plus.

Craig Clark

I write about the gaming industry and everything in entertainment.

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