PlayStation’s Back at TGS

For the first time in four years, PlayStation is back at the Tokyo Game Show. What could be on show? Well, we suspect that for something that has just been announced, we could see the highly suspected PS5 Pro. If it is in fact real. This would be the place to show that, and probably a bunch of games that utilize the hardware. Read More

Gamescom for Xbox is Big

Microsoft is in the news today about more layoffs. It’s an unfortunate circumstance for everyone involved. I think they know deep down that at the upcoming Gamescom, it’s going to have to be as big as what they did at their Xbox Showcase. They said themselves that they have much more to show, and I have to believe them. Read More

The Future of Cloud Gaming on Xbox

It all starts here, folks, Xbox is now positioning itself to be on every device possible. Firestick is now the new entry device to a window of opportunity for play. But what does this all actually mean? Well, with the next generation of Xbox seemingly becoming more cloud-dependent when it launches. It looks like Microsoft is now going to open up the floodgates and improve all possible features of Xbox Cloud Gaming Read More

Dragon Age Deserves Better

You’re probably wondering by the title of this that I am siding with the proportion of people online knocking the new Dragons Age. Actually, I totally disagree with them. I think that change is good, and in the whole of the Dragon Age timeline under BioWare, they’ve constantly evolved. Read More

Xbox Showcase Delivers

Xbox turned up and put on a show for its fans. Signifying that maybe it isn’t quite as dead and buried as everyone thought. Obviously, there is some context we need to add to that. Because Xbox will still be sending a lot of stuff to PlayStation. But to be honest, this showcase was pretty much everything that Xbox has been working on for many years now. Read More

Sony’s Playing Catch Up

With its joint CEO’s now leading PlayStation. It’s clear that those coming in think that PlayStation couldn’t be in a better position. That’s not, however, the exact narrative that most players on PlayStation will have. Some will be happy with Astro Bot as the standout, but others will be wondering just what has happened and how we recover from probably their worst State of Play yet? Read More

It’s All Change at PlayStation

We know a showcase is coming. But do you also know what’s coming? A completely new approach that will focus on narratives. Something that Sony has been having home-runs on and that, as a company, they’ve enjoyed a lot of success with. A lot of people know that the gaming industry is changing as sustainability comes into focus on the costs of games. So effectively, PlayStation’s marque narrative with less of a graphical grab is on the way. So we’re all expecting less graphical powerhouse games but ones that still push the medium forward in terms of storytelling. Read More

Why The Next Xbox is DOA to Most Fans

I think we can all agree that if Microsoft goes ahead with its plan of more first-party releases crossing over to other platforms. This is going to diminish the brand. Especially for people who normally buy PlayStation and Xbox. If you can play Xbox would-be exclusives, on PlayStation. Many will choose to play everything on one console. That being PlayStation. It’s not rocket science. Read More

Nintendo Switch 2 is Everything We Need

People associate Nintendo with that video-game company that is behind the times. They associate Nintendo with a platform that is lagging behind. The strange thing is, that is just plain wrong. Because, Nintendo cornered a market in 2017 with the original Nintendo Switch and made a great success of it. Japan absolutely loves the thing, and so do all of us in America, Europe, and elsewhere. Read More

Don’t Be Surprised

With all the success that Fallout has had on our TV screens. Don’t be surprised one bit if the God of War adaptation to TV screens turns out to be not only brutal but a really good portrayal of the origin story that the first games covered. It’s going to be interesting to see how they go about unravelling the world. Read More

Why House of The Dragon is Awesome

It’s coming—a whole new season of House of the Dragon on HBO Max and Sky Atlantic. I love the Game of Thrones universe. I have to say, that this prequel hasn’t let me down. I actually think it does some things a lot better than Game of Thrones actually did years ago. June 19 is the date you need, it’s going to be absolute hell waiting for all episodes and avoiding all possible spoilers. It’s this fight that we must keep on with for the good of the iron throne, though.

Read More

Assassins Creed Shadows

Assassins Creed Shadows is coming out on November 15th. It’s set in Japan, and it’s a location that many Assassin’s Creed players have been asking for for years. It’s going to be as big as Assassin’s Creed: Origins, and we will have two characters we can choose to portray. Read More