Why The Next Xbox is DOA to Most Fans

I think we can all agree that if Microsoft goes ahead with its plan of more first-party releases crossing over to other platforms. This is going to diminish the brand. Especially for people who normally buy PlayStation and Xbox. If you can play Xbox would-be exclusives, on PlayStation. Many will choose to play everything on one console. That being PlayStation. It’s not rocket science.

So essentially, Microsoft has to be doing something that branches out on everything while keeping that core experience for it’s own fans. The problem is that, as the statistics show, Xbox console sales are declining. So from a business point of view, it’s looking like Microsoft is hedging all its bets on this new era it has within the company. Those that know are calling it Microsoft Gaming.

The gaming industry as a whole is pretty much in freefall at the moment. I don’t see how PlayStation doesn’t benefit from all the turmoil that’s happening. If someone were to say to me, do you think the next PlayStation having all Xbox exclusives will still be big if they’re on Game Pass? I’d say, I actually think at this point it wouldn’t matter the cost or value proposition. The distrust in the Xbox brand is now at levels not seen before. Of course. it’s going to put PlayStation in probably the strongest position it’s ever been in.

People are worried about the gaming industry and its state, but PlayStation and Nintendo will carry on as they always do. Nobody can predict the future, but we all know that Xbox has been shooting itself in the foot for so long now. Particularly with Xbox Studios, they cannot seem to get decent games out on a schedule. That hurts the brand when it’s very much dead on its feet.

It’s obvious that the next generation of Xbox will probably still have its fans. People who enjoy the eco-system. Those who have invested in and love the controller. But then you start to wonder, with everything going on, what the plan is going to be to sell that next Xbox. Especially, when you give all your games away, potentially to competitors.

We’ve talked about the Xbox handheld, cloud gaming, and even Game Pass, with the value aspect being key features. But will that be enough if Xbox continues to falter? Of course, Xbox’s issues are not exclusive to them. The industry is going through all sorts of things right now. People are being laid off, it’s being restructured, and the rules are being rewritten.

AI and it’s increased usage are another notable one, as are videogame costs across the board. It’s effecting everyone, Microsoft is in a position where they can offset those costs, but not without casualties. It’s the same with Sony; the only one, Nintendo, hasn’t really been in the news about it.

There is a big cloud hanging over the future of gaming. It sees itself needing to become more sustainable. Many of these business are making difficult decisions now in the hope of a better future. The problem, though, is Microsoft is not seeing just how much of a brand impact that this is having. It’s having a negative effect, to the point where everyone is questioning Xbox, the board, and even if they can be trusted to keep to promises on great games on the agenda.

Many people feel let down. Those who have invested in both PlayStation and Xbox, particularly this generation. It’s not going to be easy to sell the Xbox brand to anyone anymore. But maybe, Microsoft don’t have to do that. Maybe Microsoft Gaming is the very future, and all their acquisitions and plans are just part of the greater picture of where they want to take their gaming division.

Craig Clark

I write about the gaming industry and everything in entertainment.