Xbox Showcase Delivers

Xbox turned up and put on a show for its fans. Signifying that maybe it isn’t quite as dead and buried as everyone thought. Obviously, there is some context we need to add to that. Because Xbox will still be sending a lot of stuff to PlayStation. But to be honest, this showcase was pretty much everything that Xbox has been working on for many years now.

They’ve not only put together a great show for Xbox fans. But also, it’s clear that their intention to increase their game output is definitely on the rise. They want Game Pass to pick up momentum, and while it remains to be seen whether that happens. It’s Xbox’s intention to deliver for their fans, and to be fair, the last two showcases have been great from them.

What remains to be seen, at least for me, is just how good these games turn out to be. There has been a quality issue at Xbox for a while. With that, it can be a double-edged sword going off the back of a great showcase, because now the expectations are going to be through the roof. But to be fair, there was a lot on offer to get excited for, but the proof will be when everyone plays and tries the games themselves to see just how they actually stack up.

It’s also a shot at Sony somewhat, because, as we discussed in the last article. Sony now needs to pick itself up and get back on track. It is clear that, for the last year or so, they haven’t really shown what they’re capable of. Maybe Xbox hitting it out the park will provide the required spark. But at the same time, we need to remember that most of these ‘games’ were multi-platform.

The Xbox Showcase delivered in the sense of just how great the flow of content was. It was banger after banger in Xbox’s regard. That’s what players expect these days. They don’t want shows that are hard to get through. If you’re going to put a show together, make sure you have the content to show off and have some purpose to it.

That’s where Xbox nailed it again this year. More to come soon from me in terms of some of the highlights and some of my thoughts on other things. But until next time, I hope you enjoyed this read.

Craig Clark

I write about the gaming industry and everything in entertainment.

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